1-Help to Dharma centres

The objectives expressed by are for every European Dharma centre to:

  • Maintain the authenticity of the Buddhist practices and traditions;
  • Provide an adequate environment for new/old practitioners;
  • Ensuring the well-being and spiritual growth of its practitioners;
  • Ensure its viability and sustainability (that is to say economic, cultural, etc.) on the very long term;
  • Facilitate fundraising through modern and efficient technical means.
  • aims to help Dharma Centres that want to acquire quality materials for their practitioners. It allows them to find an appropriate purchasing solution in the form of collaborative financing or other, allowing them to gather with more facilities and better conditions, a material necessary for a quality practice.
  • Above all, it also allows charities, Buddhist centres/associations to benefit from a unique system of financial sponsorship based on purchases made at the store. Any purchase made on the platform allows to sponsor a centre. And for sake of transparency, all sponsorship and donation amounts are published periodically on the site along with the reference beneficiary association.

2-Help to craftsmen

The craftsmen we encountered are capable, experienced and very ingenious. Life has made so that they live and work in India and Nepal, relatively poor countries according to the criteria of the World Bank while we live in Europe in more cosy environments. We want through the TDS platform link the best of both worlds and improve the everyday life of these people in various ways:

  • Feed them with ideas from TDS customers so that they can adapt their crafts to a European market.
  • Collect comments and suggestions from Dharma centres and their practitioners about their materials.
  • Give them reputation and visibility by providing them with a global window (i.e. telling their stories, via small documentaries, photos and / or videos, etc.)
  • Provide a distribution platform for their crafts
  • Increased their revenues (i.e., fair price for artefacts) and its stability Via our platform and its evolution, we hope that their ingenuity and their know-how will be valued, recognized and used ethically.

3-Help to the practitioners

To the practitioners, provides the following services:

  • The guarantee of a quality material realised in an authentic handicraft tradition
  • A wide choice also covering specific practices, through
    • quality teaching material (text, audio, video)
    • quality practice material (i.e., specific ritual images, altar, etc.)
  • A secure platform (e.g. secure payment transactions) offering mutual trust (e.g. through comments from "verified" customers)
  • A fair price for excellent quality material selected by practitioners or Dharma ritual masters
  • A sponsorship for the centre or association (i.e. proportion of the amount of your order) of your choice
  • An increase in rewards for oneself and others by exchanging on product evaluations, providing suggestions to the craftsmen, sponsoring a centre, etc.