Nyung Nes Ritual

Nyung Nes Ritual

The practice of Nyung-nes is very common and practised in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Often it follows the Losar, the New Year, because the first lunar month is considered extremely auspicious and the benefits of any action are multiplied during this period. The blessings and benefits of this practice, as stated by the Buddha himself, are immense.

This practice is based on the development of love and compassion by means of the support that is the pure manifestation of Chenrezi with a thousand arms. Those who participate become retreatants, take the monk's vows for two days and stay on site mainly to avoid distraction and also accidentally cause the death of living beings such as insects.

The ritual takes place over two days: 
    - a first day "Nyéné" of young partial, with breakfast and lunch. After this meal there is no more solid food. Speech is moderate; 
    - the second day "Nyungné" of total fasting and complete silence (except for chanting and recitation of mantras together in the temple). 
    - The practice of a Nyungne over 2 days ends in the morning of the third day after breakfast taken together.

The practice of Chenrezi with a thousand arms is performed three times during the day: +-6am, then around 10am and a third time around 3pm. The ritual includes singing, mantra recitations and prostrations. For all those who can, joining in this ritual is of great benefit. The practice is open to all.

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