Damarus Musical Instruments


Large selection of Damaru. These high-quality damarus are manufactured in Kathmandu by a family of craftsmen specialized in percussion instruments like damaru. All damarus from the-dharma-store.com catalogue have been carefully selected for you by an experienced Tibetan rituals master and come with their hand and case in silk brocade. The Damaru is one of the instruments used in Buddhist rituals music. It is a small hand-drum with whipping balls whose main function is to call Dakinis (the one that moves in space, feminine principle of the Awakening). The officiant plays the damaru with his right hand, while his left hand rings the bell. It is manufactured in precious wood and taut and colourful goat skin. When handed by a deity as presented in many thangkas, it is shown made up of two contiguous skulls. (Free shipping FR-BE-DE-NL-LUX from € 45).

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