Green Tara Ritual

Green Tara Ritual

You will find in this category material for the Green Tara Practise.

Green Tara is one of the 21 forms of Tara, giving comfort and protection against hazards.

Its green color is that of the awakened activity of the acting compassion. Tara is also the consort of Buddha Amoghasiddhi, who presides over the family of "action". The green also indicates that Tara acts at wind speed for the good of those who pray her. For this reason, it is often called the Swift.

The symbolism of her posture abounds in the same direction:

  • the left leg: folded, denotes that it is no longer subject to internal disturbances;
  • the right leg: already half opened, indicates that it is ready to get up to go rescue the beings; thus, Tara, while totally free from the imperfections of samsara, remains there to help all those who suffer: she relieves them of their temporal difficulties and, spiritually, guides them towards liberation, the end of all pain ;
  • with the right hand, it makes the mudra of the gift, meaning that it grants the ordinary accomplishments and the sublime fulfillment;
  • the left hand in the refuge mudra: its thumb and ring finger touch to symbolize the union of skillful means and knowledge; his three other fingers are erected and represent the Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha;
  • the lotuses with which the stems are held in the hands indicate that all the qualities of the Realization have fully blossomed in it.


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