Application to benefit from our sponsorhip program

Application for inclusion in the list of beneficiaries

Welcome to!

If you are on this page, we hope that you have read about our long term vision for the European Dharma.
If you want to be part of the list of associations benefiting from the generosity model and sponsorship program by, please follow these steps:

  1. Read carefully of the TDS sponsorship charter. This charter confirms in writing the commitments of (TDS) with respect to your association and by which a representative of your association confirms:
    • that s/he is a legal representative of the non-profit association;
    • to submit an electronic copy of the official statutes demonstrating her/his ability;
    • to commit the association on its behalf and
    • to apply by accepting the legal notice of the charter.
  2. Complete the form below giving all the necessary information and a scan of the requested documents. Without a complete file, we will not be able to analyze the candidacy of your association. Do not hesitate to contact us.
  3. After analyzing your request, you will ALWAYS receive a written reply by TDS. Our company reserves the right to accept or not an application.
  4. After accepting the application of your association, you can then download the TDS sponsorship charter, complete it and send it to us signed.
  5. We will contact you to collect the latest data and finalize the presentation of your association on website.

In thanking you for the gesture you are making with this inscription, we hope to count you soon among the members of our Virtuous Circle!

After acceptance of your file, agrees to pay your association:

  • 4% of the total amount of an order (exempt from payment and delivery fees) when your association has been chosen by the customer in the SPONSORSHIP list of associations.
  • the totality of a donation (exempt from payment fees) when your association has been chosen by a donor in the list of associations of the DONATION module.

You can increase the percentage of sponsorship (4%) by actively participating in the promotion of our site. Four options are available to increase your sponsorship referral rate: