Are you a POSITIVE association?

Special conditions for all associations working for mankind and planet welfare

One of the major aspirations of every Buddhist is to work for the good of all beings. To that objective, ethical partnerships and donations/sponsoring to organisations working for mankind and nature welfare are the cornerstone of (TDS) model. If you are an association working for human, animal or planet welfare, you can apply to your POSITIVE account.

TDS want to support you! proposes you the following conditions:

  1. 25% PERMANENT discount on the WHOLE catalogue.
  2. FREE SHIPMENT for ALL your orders.
  3. You can return products within 30 calendar days instead of 14.

Apply to your POSITIVE account

  1. Create a customer account on our website by clicking HERE.
  2. Once you've created that account, send an email to from your registered email with :
    • your organisation name,
    • new account login ID,
    • organisation registration ID
    • Attach the following documents demonstrating that you are a legal representative of your organisation and that the object of your association is about human and/or planet welfare
      • Scan of your ID card
      • Scan of the official status of your organisation
  3. You will receive an email with approval within 24 hours.
  4. When you will sign on to your account again, you will see discounted prices on all handicrafts.

TDS POSITIVE account Policies

Here are our policies for the POSITIVE account:

  • Minimum purchase of 350,00€ VAT Excl. per order.
  • Wholesale orders are not eligible for any coupons, sponsoring or special offers.
  • Returns are welcome for exchange or credit voucher only. Within 30 days of purchase (instead of 14 days).
  • The discount percentage depend on our cost and stock on certain items and can vary anytime without prior notice.
  • All other general terms and sales conditions are applicable.

If you need larger quantities, have special requirements, please contact us at