Malas de 108 perles en jade d'Inde (8mm)

108-beads mala - Jade (8mm)

Jade is the stone par excellence of the 4th Chakra (ANAHATA). It empowers and encourages success. It is very relaxing and accelerates the healing proc...
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Jade is the stone par excellence of the 4th Chakra (ANAHATA). It empowers and encourages success. It is very relaxing and accelerates the healing process. It has the property to regulate the urinary system (to treat incontinence, for example). It would also have an effect on the removal of kidney stones. It relieves renal colics and muscle cramps and restores globally the Yin-Yang balance of the body.

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4th chakra (ANAHATA)

Advises for your malas

The mala, as an instrument of religious practice must be considered carefully. Remember a few ethical rules:

  • The malas are personal practice objects that have the power through mantras' recitation to protect us and help us on the path to liberation. They should therefore be treated with respect, that is to say, kept out of the ground and places where people sit or walk or soiled areas.
  • Teachers tell us that malas are "energetically loaded" by prayers and rituals that we do with them. They are therefore intimate objects of our practice that should not be lended or exchanged except to be blessed by a Lama.
  • The malas should be protected in a suitable bag for transport and not be mixed, for example, with dirty laundry.
  • The malas are not jewellery. By acquiring a mala, you have also to devote a special place where they will remain outside the times of practices.
  • If you no longer wish to keep your mala, separate from it wisely! Please contact the nearest Buddhist centre and make it a donation. In doing so, this item will make you benefit from the merits until the end of your relationship

These are some non-exhaustive rules of Buddhist ethics that you are free to comply or not.

Usage of a mala

The mala is traditionally held in the left hand by the practitioner but it is sometimes found in the right hand of certain deities.

The practitioner recites prayers/mantras pulling the beads towards you, which symbolizes that one draws sentient beings out of suffering. Each round ends with the large bead (called the guru bead) and without crossing it, we return the mala in the other direction.

Although malas have 108 beads, each lap is counted as 108, the remainder being "offered" for errors committed during the recitation.


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