For the sake of complete transparency, you will find here all the charities and Dharma centres that benefit from your generosity and our donation model and all the donations that have been paid to them since the creation of the site. Donations are paid out at the latest quarterly, so you may not find your contribution directly in this table. Come back to check a little later.

TDS charter

Each of the associations on this list has signed a charter committing themselves to ensuring that the amounts transferred to them through TDS are used for the main objectives of their organization. ALL fees related to the payment transaction or site hosting are supported UNIQUELY by TDS. The association receives 100% of the donation or sponsorship amount declared on our site.


Please note that the list of associations will grow but you can ALSO grow this list by:

  1. proposing your association via our registration form. After acceptance of your application, which will ALWAYS be notified to you by email, your association will be automatically added to the list and you will be able to benefit from the donations and TDS sponsorship program.
  2. talking about our model and our company through your social networks, your friends, your Buddhist center of reference (in Europe).

List of the charities registered since the site creation (July 2018)

List of all donations since the site creation (July 2018)

Donations List

Charity Donated Amount
ROKPA ITALY (onlus) US$377.82